Americana Collection

The Americana collection was inspired by a trip to New York that lasted well over a week. Stops in Savannah, Ga.- Charleston, SC.- Richmond, Va. – Washington, D.C.- and New York, NY. So many interesting things to see, I sketched as many as I could. Those sketches became larger drawings on stretched canvas. I didn’t use the traditional brush or pen, I used a piece of matboard dipped in ink. On the rougher canvas it leaves a unusual and distinctive texture. Originally there were 200 of each of these prints, now there is less than one hundred. Some prints are less than 40 in quantity so if you would like one or a group don’t wait too long. Two of the prints [Charleston House and Savannah Series XII] are 24″ x 24″. All of the rest are 16″ x 20″. Each Limited Edition Print is hand signed and numbered by the artist..

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